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View From The Boulevard (Circa 1913)

This amazing view card was postmarked on September 2, 1913, and was mailed to the Fischer family in Baltimore, Maryland. The photographer’s lens is facing south from a vantage point on the Boulevard. The first building on the left side of the postcard became known as the Duggan House (page 13 in the book) and later Heffernan Realty and was located on the southeast corner of Hancock Avenue and the Boulevard. The second building from the left side of the postcard would become Mrs. M.C. Koch’s Sheridan Hotel some time in 1914, located on the southeast corner of Sheridan Avenue and the Boulevard. 

The building that would become known as the Duggan House was sold in 1908 by Marshall J. Dodge to William Cummings and Cummings Realty Company. In 1910 Cummings sold the property to Edward Friel, who then transferred the property to George Vaux. The following year, in 1911, Christian J. Hiering acquired the property and held it until 1923 when the property was sold to John Schmuhl. The Duggan family purchased the property in approximately 1924. The building was used over the years as a rooming house, hotel, restaurant, grocery store, and real estate office.


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