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Poane’s Spaghetti House Bar & Grill

If you examine the postcard below carefully you will see Poane’s Spaghetti House due east of the Hollywood Club. Poane’s was located at 122-24-26 Sumner Avenue and opened in approximately 1925. The establishment was originally named Poane’s Butterfly Hotel Bar & Grill and was founded by Joseph Poane, who was assisted by his son, Joseph Poane, Jr. Later, Jennie “Ma” Poane operated the business and changed its name to Mom’s Spaghetti House. In a 1953 advertisement, the restaurant’s circular bar and fine Italian specialties are noted. The advertisement also notes that Ma Poane’s son, Anthony, had recently returned from action in Korea and was stationed at Camp Kilmer. Many of we Seaside Heights natives  know Anthony “Tony” Poane as he was a municipal employee and also served as a volunteer firefighter. Tony’s daughter, Barbara, serves as the chief financial officer for Seaside Heights. Tony’s brother, Al Poane, worked for the Seaside Heights Police Department for many years before retiring. Al still resides in Seaside Heights! The Poane family is another example of Seaside’s rich living history.


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