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Sinn’s Restaurant

I had the chance to say hello to Herman D’Alessandro and his wife Saturday at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church. The D’Alessandros, former proprietors of Sinn’s Restaurant, were visiting from Florida. Herman and his wife are examples of people who worked tirelessly to make their Seaside Heights business a success. Long hours and hard work… There is a postcard image of Sinn’s Restaurant in the book on page 80, but here is an advertisement from the early 1970s and two matchbooks.


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  1. I worked with Herman and his wife Edi many years ago. They were definitely okay people! Edi was sooo funny and she was a great cook. Edi made the best shrimp tempura! I hope they’re well and enjoying retirement. They did a great job with Sinn’s restaurant and Sinn’s catering. Does anyone know what ever happened to Sinn’s, or what is there now?

    • Sadly, the restaurant was destroyed by fire many years ago. I was there with the fire company and remember it well. A very bad fire, indeed! It’s been a parking lot since that time.

      • Mr Vaz, do you have any idea what year Sinn’s burned? It was Joes Seaside Diner for a while, and as I mentioned in another post, Edi and Herman had to foreclose and take the property back. (joe was the same Joe from Joe’s Chadwick diner). I think that was 1986 and it was on the corner of Blaine and Boulevard.

      • I have some photos from the day after the fire, and I think the date is on them. I will dig them up. I was at the fire with the fire company. It was a bad one!

      • Sorry… but you got me going. Is Weiner’s dept store there yet? That was next to Sinn’s and it was there forever. The owners used to come in Joe’s Seaside Diner when I worked there. They were eccentric but defintiely okay. I think their name was Hirsh or Firsh or something like that. The wifes name was Edi I think. I have to take a ride to Seaside one day and walk around and reminisce.

    • Herman and Edi retired to Florida. I think they are still alive. My mom was the Banquet Manager there for many years. I remember Edi’s nails. She was always having her nails done! LOL!

      • Edi always looked great! At the time I knew her she was probably 50 to 55 and she was quite attractive. She was funny too, one time she got in a fight with Herman and threatened to leave him if he didn’t straighten out (and she told him right in front of everyone. Too fuuny!

  2. Mr Vaz- I left a comment on your other page about Herman and Edi. See:

    They were great people and I’d love to hear how they’re doing. I think they sold Sinn’s around 1985 and then had to quickly take it over again (foreclose) because new owner had some serious trouble there. I seem to remember they went through a lot!! Herman and Edi were nice people, I hope they’re well and would lvoe to know what they are doing and what ever became of Sinn’s. Thanks.

  3. I am Herman and Edie’s granddaughter. I realize this is coming much later then you originally wrote, but I hope you get to see this post. Herman and Edie (mom-mom and pop-pop) are both doing well. They originally began their Florida ventures as snowbirds, but within the last few years have moved there permanently as the trip back and forth and taking care of two homes became too much. They lost their original house to a hurricane (no one was hurt) and have since built a home just for them! Their oldest daughter Roberta lives near them and as no surprise I am sure, they have a great group of friends who are always there to lend a helping hand when needed. They traveled north to PA this last Christmas and will be returning in May for their middle great-grandson’s First Holy Communion. We are looking forward to seeing them so many times in one year! My parents are also going to visit on their yearly treck south but this time they are staying for 6 weeks! Thanks for asking about them and I will tell them you were asking. Mr. Vaz, thanks for a great site!


    • Hi Shannon, my name is Taylor and I worked briefly with your grandparents at Joe’s Seaside Diner in 1985. They are great people! Pls ask your grandparents them whatever became of that place, i think they may have also owned Sinns. Edie made the best shrimp tempura. I think that whole sale to Joe was a nightmare if I remember correctly…

    • Hi Shannon, pls tell your grandparents hello! I worked there in 1985 and they were transitioning the business over to Joe as Joes’ Seaside Diner. That failed miserably and, if I remember correctly, your grandparents had to take it over again. I’m sure your grandparents could tell some great stories about that! I know it was a very hard point in their business lives. Tks Taylor.

  4. Debra Peterson

    I worked at Sinn’s Restaurant in the early 70’s – I remember the owner Herman – they had the best fried chicken ever!!! And I was a pretty picky eater back then!:)

  5. I LOOOVED Sinn’s and Herman and Edi. Every year from the 70’s to the early 80’s my family would go to Seaside for vacation for a week to 2 weeks at the beginning to August and would go to Sinn’s every night for dinner. We would also go there for mine, my mom’s and my grandma’s birthdays (August 3, 8, 11) and they would make us a cake. My favorite was their banana cake. It was sooo good. I keep trying to find a similar recipe but have never found one that even came close to theirs. They would probably remember us as Dorothy, Dottie, Tina, and Tony 🙂


    Hi all my name is Robin and I went to Sinns and Joe Seaside the island house
    My parents owned Wiener’s Dept store
    I am still friendly with Edi and Herman Great people and were my parents best friends.
    The were Edy and Eddie Fuerst They have both passed.

    • Hello Robin. I have numerous news articles featuring your mother and father. I will make sure to post something soon.

    • Hi Robin, your parents were great people! I worked at Joe’s Seaside Diner (what a disaster but that’s another story) and your parents frequently came in. Your mother always told me I had nice teeth. She was so funny.


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