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Book Signing #1

As I set up for the first book signing today, I realize that I have no idea what I am doing since I’ve never done this before. Anyway, today’s event is a fundraiser for the fire company. As I walk through our little museum room I am reminded yet again how intertwined the town’s history and fire company’s history are.

Turned out to be a great afternoon. Caught up with numerous people I haven’t seen in a long time. Sold a few books for the benefit of the fire company. And I conquered the book signing butterflies. – CJV


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  1. Chris,
    I’m very proud of your accomplishment! Just returned from CA where we were visiting our son’s family and read of your publication in the local paper. We have some idea of the work that goes into publishing from our experiences with the Publications Committee at Ocean County Historical Society. You did a good job! Best of luck with sales.

    Barbara Reusch

  2. Thank you Mrs. Reusch. It was a lot of work but certainly worthwhile in the big picture. After meeting dozens of people the past few weeks at book signings, I’m convinced that I accomplished my purpose of inspiring an interest in local history.


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