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Mayor Edmund C. Kramer Residence

This postcard was postmarked in Seaside Heights on August 26, 1913, when the town was about six months old. The view shows the residence of Mayor Edmund C. Kramer – the town’s first mayor. The postcard was mailed to Margrret Gerber in Adamstown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with the message “Dear Maggie: A picture of Mary’s home – Pretty isn’t it?” Mayor Kramer moved permanently to Seaside Heights from Philadelphia in 1911 and served five terms as mayor. A contractor and builder, Mayor Kramer erected many buildings in Seaside Heights, including the original firehouse, the “new” Union Church that was built in 1921, the Goodwin-Kramer Building on the northeast corner of Sumner Avenue and the Boulevard, and the Colonial Theatre in Seaside Park. He was active in organizing the Seaside Heights Volunteer Fire Company and the Board of Trade.

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  1. Doris Nunemacher

    I am just starting to do research on my family history. I was told that the first thing to do is to google one of the family members. I picked Edmund C Kramer my grandfather’s oldest brother. I knew that he did live in Seaside Heights, and I had heard that he was the first mayor, but I have never seen it in writting, until now. I also knew that the Kramer family had a long line of builders and carpenters, I just never knew the buildings and where they are located. I will have to make a trip up to Seaside Heights, so I can get pictures and see the buildings in person. I have recently found out that my grandparents. Harry and Katie Kramer, also lived in the house that Uncle Ed built for a while. If you know of any books that might have pictures and any information about Uncle Ed I sure would appriciate it. Thanks again for this information.
    Doris Nunemacher

    • I’m sending you a scanned image of Mayor Kramer to your e-mail account. It’s the only photo of him that I have ever seen. It appeared in The First Fifty, which was published as part of the town’s 50th Anniversary celebration in 1963. His first office is still standing on the northeast corner of Sumner Avenue & the Boulevard. It was known during Mayor Kramer’s time as the Goodwin-Kramer Building. He was a prominent local builder. Are you related to Marge Carter? Marge and her husband Bill resided for many years with their daughter Susan on Webster Avenue. Susan passed away and Marge and Bill moved out of town. My recollection is that Marge was a descendant of Mayor Kramer, too. Fyi, I just started a new project – a film documentary celebrating the 100th Birthday of Seaside Heights – and I was planning to highlight Mayor Kramer somewhere in the film. Thus, if you come across more photos please contact me!


    • Doris Nunemacher

      Sorry it has taken me so long to answer!
      Edmund Philip Christian Kramer is the oldest of eight children born to Henry and Emma of Folsome NJ. His siblings were Elizabeth Catherine (Lilly), Harry Wilhelm Gustave, Linda Anna #1, Linda #2, Walter Paul, Arthur, and Albert who died at birth. Edmund married Mary Hubbs from Philadelphia. Edmund and Mary had a son in 1905 named Edmund Mittnacht Kramer. Edmund and Mary divorced, and my grandparents moved into the house for a while. Edmund later remarried and I will have to get the spelling of her name and i will get back to you. I do hope this will help answer your questions.
      Doris Nunemacher

  3. Doris Nunemacher

    there is only one son with his first wife.


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