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Chairmen of the Boards

There is nothing particularly historical about this Asbury Park Press newspaper clip from January 1976, except that it shows my friend George Shenewolf, who lived for many years at 32 Franklin Avenue, and me on the boardwalk with our skateboards when we were both eight years old. As our jackets and hats tell, I was a NY Jets fan, while George always faithfully rooted for the Miami Dolphins.


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  1. I believe that there was a skatepark in Seaside Heights around this time…on a side street just west of the Boulevard.

    • Yes Jeff. It was located on Hamilton Ave. between the Boulevard and Central Ave. (just west of where Club Karma is located today). It was a concrete skateboard park with these deep “bowls” that you would skate down into. I think the owner’s nickname was “Cimo” or something like that. His wife worked for Seaside Heights at Borough Hall. There’s been a motel there in its place for many years now. George (in the photo) and I skated at the park often before it was torn down.


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