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Mr. Skip’s

Lisa Spencer, who lived with her mother and sister Dana on the corner of Barnegat and Porter Avenues once upon a time ago, was reminiscing from the West Coast recently about Mr. Skip’s and I remembered that I had some news articles in one of my folders. Mr. Skip’s occupied the former railroad station building that was between Webster and Sumner Avenues on Central Avenue. Many of us who attended the Hugh J. Boyd, Jr. Elementary School in the 1970s and early 1980s would often leave the school grounds at lunchtime and walk to Mr. Skip’s for a hamburger, french fries, and soda. It was considered a special treat if our parents gave us a few dollars in the morning for lunch at Mr. Skip’s. The business was owned by the parents of one of our elementary school friends  – Skip Cocci. The “Skip” in the photo below, however, is the elder “Skip.” The photos are poor quality because they were scanned from copies of copies. The photo of Mr. Cocci behind the American Railway Express sign appeared in an Ocean County Review article in 1982. The photo of Mr. Skip’s was included in a survey of local historical sites that was conducted by the Ocean County Cultural and Heritage Commission.



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