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The Guide Post Ocean County Vacation Directory 1965-66

This is an Ocean County vacation and business directory from the 1965-66 season. The directory was published by Dave Johnson Associates at Toms River, NJ. My collection includes numerous postcards from the 1960s that were photographed by Dave Johnson. Here, I am showing the cover and the Seaside Heights pages. The directory is a comprehensive piece highlighting Ocean County’s premier vacation spots and businesses.

The following image shows Page 10 of the directory and features a Barnegat Cold Storage Company advertisement. The photograph depicts the Route 9 store, but locals and visitors knew the company’s Seaside Heights facility as the “ice plant” on the corner of Grant and West Central Avenues.

The following image is Page 21 of the directory and describes “[t]he smell of salt water taffy and candy apples mixed with the ocean breezes…”


The next image is Page 41 in the directory and features a description of the Seaside Heights/Seaside Park and Point Pleasant Beach boardwalks. Also, the page includes an advertisement for Hiering Realty, Inc., which was located at 1517 Boulevard in Seaside Heights.

The photograph on page 45 of the directory shows the North Pier on the bay front in Seaside Heights. The photo’s caption describes scuba and skin diving as a sport since World War II and further makes the point that Ocean County has “kept pace, as is witnessed by the various clubs and organizations whose members participate in the underwater activity.” A close inspection of the photo indicates that the divers who are about to enter the water are members of the volunteer fire company, whose emergency vehicle is parked near the concession building in the photo’s background.

The final image is Page 63 and features the saltwater pool at the Seaside Heights Casino.

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