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Barney’s Famous Fish and Chips

I included a postcard of Barney’s Fish and Chips in my book on page 78. These are two other Barney’s Fish and Chips postcards from my collection. Barney was long deceased when I was a child, but I do remember my mother and father walking me often to Barney’s to buy quarts of clam chowder.

Barney's Famous Fish and Chips


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  1. Man, I sure remember some good fried shrimp (before we were all “against fried food”) at Barney’s. We’d walk from “N” and Central to Barney’s down on the Boulevard, plop down on a bench (constantly swatting flies) and order up a storm. I vaguely remember Barney coming out from the kitchen regularly to make sure everyone was enjoying the food. I was in my tweens back then.

    My name is Les. I spent 6 or 7 entire consecutive summers in Seaside back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. We always rented 75 “N” street, right across the street from the Dolphin Apartments, the grocery store and the Laundromat. We rented our house from the elderly Stefaniks.

    Question… are the Gassenheimer’s Dolphin Apartments (motel) still there on the corner of “N” and Central? Bobby was my friend. He should be in his 50s now, like me.

    I remember the Strand and the Colonial theatres. Are they still there?
    Gianella’s grocery store? (I never could spell it!)
    B&B’s down by the police station?
    Grog’s Surf Palace? (where I bought my Natural Selection single fin)

    I sure miss Seaside. Best summer memories of my life.
    Rode my Schwinn Apple Krate 5-speed down to the bay and early in the morning on the boardwalk, right next to my dad who took an early morning walk every day.

    I still have some of my metal season beach passes and even some of the plastic ones.
    I’m drinking a coke out of my 75th Anniversary Seaside Park mug that I tossed a quarter into to win, a long, long time ago.

    Drop me a note. Let me know about Bobby Gassenheimer (probably “Robert” today.)

    Thanks. Take care. ~ Les kayakerles at gmail dot com

    • I’ve been browsing this great website and had to respond to your post Les. My family also spent two weeks each August at Seaside between the mid-60s and 70s. Not to mention a lot of weekend and day trips (we lived a little over an hour away). Yes, I loved the fried shrimp at Barney’s!! That’s all I ever ate there. They came in a little basket lined with paper, if I remember right. AND I shopped at the B&B, usually for comic books to read at the beach. Just like you, I often rode my Schwinn Sting-Ray (purchased from the Rossi’s miniature golf / bike rental in Seaside Park at the end of a season) on the boardwalk in the morning. I think I remember seeing a kid riding a boss Schwinn with a big 5-speed shift lever on it. Maybe that was you. We usually rented a house on O Street facing the bay and the causeway. It was a funny place that had a big, slanted plate glass window in the front and a sunken fireplace nook in the living room. I remember sitting at that big window after coming back from the boardwalk in the evening watching the cars come and go across the bridge. Mostly they were tail lights going home and I remember sitting there being glad that I didn’t have to go home just yet. Those were great days.

      • Yup. We share many of the same fond memories. Our house was on the corner of “N” and Central. I go back there (from Oklahoma) by way of Google Earth all the time. They made our single-story un-heated, ocean-breeze-cooled house into a central air/heat 2-story place, like most owners down there now, trying to get the most bang for the buck on their outrageous square footage cost.

        I remember the paper inside the colorful baskets at Barney’s. They always tried, and often did, fly away! There were also flies buzzin’ everywhere, but we’d fight off a million of them if we had to so we could enjoy our meal. Nobody complained about lack of air conditioning back then either, we just sat outside on the benches and enjoyed every minute of it.

        We always walked down to B&B from “N” street. We didn’t have a car! It was a good trek, but it was one of our little shopping adventures.

        Remember Grog’s Surf Palace? That’s where I got my Natural Progression surfboard. 6’2″ single fin. Old school! I had a fiberglass skimboard too. Those were great until someone got clonked in the ankle by one and the banned them in SSP. But Just on the other side of the fence from the “paid beach” and we could use them.

        Ah yes, the days of movies at the Strand and the Colonial. I say “Night of the Living Dead” at the 11pm show, probably 20 times one summer.

        Okay, back to work and dreams of yesteryears at the beach. May you feel the breeze on your face and taste the salt on your lips when you take a nap and dream. ~ Les

      • Yes, I moved out of NJ (to Texas) in 1980 and don’t get back up that way very often. My last trip was in 2005. I did manage to take an afternoon and drive down to Seaside, just to smell the salt air and get some real pizza on the boardwalk. Walked the boardwalk and drove around to see if I could jog my memories a bit. The B&B was still there. Rossi’s, which I think was on 20th Ave was an empty lot and the mid-century modern house we rented on O Street was either torn down and rebuilt or remodeled into oblivion. At that time the real estate market was in high gear, Our first few summers, when I was really little, my folks rented in the “lanes” in Seaside Park. I remember that my dad wanted to buy one of those cottages, but the asking price was $16,000. Might as well have been a million dollars. Too high for our modest means. That would have been ’65 or ’66. I drove up and down those streets and saw one for sale; asking 399,000! Times change.

  2. cool posts, i worked at barneys in 1981. had a blast with all the crew that worked there. i worked with the family and some of my school friends. we partied our asses off that

  3. Man, I remember Seaside from that time too! My family used to stay at Bay Terrace (I think the Kienast family owned it then). Religiously we’d hike to Barneys for shrimp in the basket, chicken in the basket and sit on the benches (IIRC you could flop the backs around so you could face the opposite way with your back to the table)eat our feast and my father would always point out the “kwitchurbelyakin” sign on the rafter. Good times! Is Barney’s still there???


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